Embodied Judaism: SHE

Who is She? The Shekhinah, which derives from the Hebrew word for "dwell or settle," is a feminine divine presence, guiding and protecting men and women everywhere. She is power, wisdom, and compassion and has influenced Jews from the ancient world through Second and Third Wave feminism and into the transgender and environmental concerns of the present day. Who is She, how has She empowered us, and how does She appear to us today?
SHE, the third biannual Embodied Judaism Symposium, explores the concept of Shekhinah, drawing on materials in the Post-Holocaust American Judaism Collections held at the University of Coloraod Boulder. The symposium featured insight and embodied presentations from Rabbi Dr. Tirzah FirestoneProfessor Joy Ladin, and Professor Samuel Boyd as well as an original performance from dancer and choreographer Robert Sher-Machherndl
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2017 Embodied Judaism: SHE exhibit curated by Nan Goodman with curatorial advice from Sam Boyd, Gregg Drinkwater, Tirzah Firestone, and John Sheridan. Exhibit design by Andrew Violet in 2017. Digital exhibit coordination by Jane Thaler in 2017. The 2017 symposium and exhibit are hosted by the Program in Jewish Studies and the University Libraries' Special Collections and Archives and made possible by support from Rose Community Foundation, an Innovative Seed Grant, and university cosponsors.